Creating an Effective and Measurable
Strategic Communication Plan
A step-by-step approach to create your own - implement today - communication plan
(even if you’re starting from scratch). 

Create an effective and measurable Strategic Communication Plan

6 weeks interactive online coaching program for Communicators.

  • Live and Interactive, small groups (maximum 6 participants)
  • Personalised feedback and One on One Sessions
  • Learn from anywhere, on demand access
  • Reusable templates, course workbook, e-Learning material and more...
  • Accountability and dedicated support all along the coaching program.

The Coaching Program

"Strategic communication planning skills are valued by 70% of recruiters, but just 51% of respondents of a recent survey perceive strategic planning as one of their strongest skills.

For strategic thinking, it is similar. It's an attribute sought by 91% of recruiters, yet just 61% of Communicators think it is a strongest attribute"

The 6 weeks, personalised, online coaching program brings together a small group of motivated Public Relations professionals just like you. For 30 days, we will support you in the development of the Strategic Communication plan you need.

You will learn a step-by-step approach to building a realistic and measurable communications plan that helps you connect with your audiences and stakeholders in a strategic and tactical way, establishing trust and goodwill to drive your organisation's objectives.

This is a personalised coaching program, meaning we will work on YOUR plan and you will have a completed, peer reviewed and ready to implement Communication plan for YOUR organisation.

Whether you are working in agency, for the public or private sector, we’ll offer the tools, reusable templates and methods you need to increase your strategic communication planning skills and deliver effective and measurable results.

*Source: CIPR (Chartered Institute of Public Relations) State of the Profession Survey.


  • A personal computer, or mobile device with a camera.
  • A good Wi-Fi or cabled internet connection.
  • The latest version of the Chrome or Firefox browser.


  • Weekly live online group practice/coaching sessions
  • Three one on one private coaching sessions
  • Weekly tasks and support through on demand e-Learning modules
  • Dedicated support and accountability via a secured online community
  • Access to templates, course workbook and resources

Coaching Program Agenda

Week 1


Mission, values etc... yes, but how do they translate to communication?

Purpose, diversity, innovation - buzzwords or the basis of your plan?

Looking back - CPRMs "Critical Public Relations Moments", the organisation's former reputation legacy.

Week 2

Environment & Context

PESTL Analysis for Communicators

SWOT Analysis - more than a simple quadrant

Communication Auditing for the organisation.

Social & Cultural relevant trends affecting your communication.

Week 3

Stakeholders & Audiences

What's the difference between the two?

Stakeholder identification, classification and mapping

Stakeholder Management for Communicators

Audience identification, segmentation and prioritisation

Audience research and insights

Week 4

Tactics & Activities

From strategic planning to tactical execution

On and offline communication and integration of both

Going beyond and upgrading media relations

Identifying not so obvious "influencers"

Virtual Communication - here to stay? How to manage?

Week 5

Operational Set Up for PR

Artificial Intelligence for Public Relations

The right tools for the right process

Kanban, Agile and Communication project management

Operational efficiency through intelligent use of technology

Creating a management dashboard for PR

Week 6

Measurement & Evaluation

Applying the AMEC Model

Applying and integrating the PESO model

Ongoing/real time M&E - how to implement?

Reporting business/organisational impact

What to monitor, which variables to use, and how to make sense of data

Coaching Program Delivery

Group Coaching Sessions

We use a secure online webinar system to run our online sessions. These are interactive, visual and collaborative.

Reusable Material & Templates

Our professional grade e-Learning platform allows you to view, download and re-use video, print and graphic materials.

On Demand Delivery

All live coaching sessions and recorded e-Learning content can be accessed via PC, laptop and mobile devices on demand.

Participant Community

The coaching program integrates a secure and private online community for accountability, networking and support.

BONUS Material
Unlimited & Lifetime access to templates & frameworks

Re-usable templates and material:

You will create other communication plans after the coaching program. That's why you will receive unlimited access to all presentation material, templates & checklists for future use.

And not only documents but also video & podcast interviews on specific topics covered during the bootcamp. A real communication planning archive for you to revisit after the coaching session ends.

About your Coach

Philippe Borremans

Public Relations Consultant & Certified Trainer

Philippe Borremans is an independent public relations consultant & certified trainer specialising in crisis & risk communications. He helps private & public organisations with communication activities across the world. He was one of the first Chief Social Media Officers in Europe & between 1999 and 2009 held several communications positions at IBM, including corporate and online communications on a national and EMEA level. He started his public relations career at Porter Novelli International in Brussels in 1994. He is currently the President of the International Public Relations Association (IPRA).

Phil has wide experience in communications and a real pedigree in public relations. He has actually worked inside global companies and international businesses. And he has that rare “helicopter” perspective. As a consultant and business advisor he’s credible with a ton of integrity.

Charlie Nordblom

Strategic Communications, VOLVO Group

Philippe is usually way ahead of his time in his business. He talked about online PR and transparency when those were still scary concepts for most of his peers. He introduced online monitoring long before it became an industry and started using the social web to complement press releases when everyone else was still in newspaper mode.

Sam Versluys

Digital Manager - Ingenico e-Payments

Program Fee

Invest in your Communications/Public Relations career today and learn the in demand skill of Strategic Planning.

Payment plan

2 x €673

2 Payments over 2 Months

Full year access to all resources
  • 6 Group Coaching Sessions
  • 3 One-on-One Coaching Sessions
  • Online Community & Support

Single payment


Single Payment

Full year access to all resources
  • 6 Group Coaching Sessions
  • 3 One-on-One Coaching Sessions
  • Online Community & Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

All you need is a good internet connection and a PC/Mac, laptop or connected mobile device like a tablet or smartphone. We strongly suggest you install the Chrome browser as it offers the best compatibility. You can do so for free here. The coaching sessions (group and individual) will require a camera and a microphone - which you normally already have on your workstation. Although the complete coaching program can be followed through a mobile device, we suggest you use your PC/Mac or laptop for the interactive sessions.  

Once you sign up for the coaching program, you will receive a private log in to the coaching platform. This secure, online platform includes the following features; a video-call/webinar system for our live coaching sessions, an e-learning module to access additional background information, a resource area where you can download the workbook, checklist and re-usable templates included in the coaching program and an online secure community used for networking, accountability and support. All our interactions will happen online via the platform which is accessible from any kind of connected device.

We design the coaching program for Public Relations and Communication professionals who create strategic communication plans as part of their job responsibilities. Participants often have a draft plan ready or need to deliver a plan within a certain time frame from scratch. This coaching program allows you to create a plan and have it peer reviewed and supported by a Consultant with over 25 years' experience. Some participants even follow this coaching program to enjoy the "second opinion" input on an existing plan and sharpen/update their skills at the same time. Whatever your starting point is, after finishing the coaching program you will have a professional, up to date Strategic Communication plan ready for your organisation/your client.

The program comprises 6 live online group sessions of about 1:30h (scheduled weekly on a regular date and time), 3 online one-to-one personalised sessions (scheduled that week according to your agenda) and the time you need to work on your plan and view the additional on demand e-learning material per week. So at a minimum you will need to foresee around 5 to 6 hours per week to work on your plan and follow the coaching program. This will however depend on how fast you incorporate the coaching sessions and the material. Don't forget you will always have support available via the online community throughout the program.

An online, secure community is included in the coaching program and functions as a support channel and an accountability space. The community is only accessible to members of the same cohort and to me, the coach. If during the week you would have questions about the task at hand or the content of the program, you can use the community feature to ask questions. Both your cohort colleagues and your coach will have the opportunity to answer them. As a coach, I promise you to get back to you within 24 hours with relevant information to help you on your way. Group accountability is set up throughout the program in the form of tasks, support and regular follow up.

You will accomplish more than you would on your own. The coach is there to support you all the way and offer objective and direct feedback on your work. Your cohort colleagues are also Communication professionals, and the collaborative environment offers many opportunities for a variety of insights and experiences. • You will achieve your goals more quickly because you will have access to re-usable templates, topical e-Learning modules, personalised one-to-one sessions and a professional coach with over 25 years of experience. 

The results often depend on you and your determination to not only follow the coaching program and my recommendations, but to also invest the needed time to work on your plan. However, the ultimate result you can expect from this coaching program is that you will have a state-of-the-art strategic communications plan ready for your organisation or client. You can expect my full support throughout the six weeks coaching program and access to all the resources I make available via the coaching platform.