Consulting Services

Crisis Communications, Strategic Communications Planning, Corporate Communications.


I can help you and your organisation with thought leadership & key message development, crisis communications, social media use for external communications, communications planning and strategic reputation management.

When you partner with me, you receive one-on-one attention and a plan that is tweaked to your organisation’s Public Relations objectives. Don’t believe me, believe my clients.  I would love to help you get the strategic, tactical and technical skills you need so that you can manage your business communications efficiently and/or handle crisis communications smoothly whenever that time comes. Check out my training services and workshops as well.

Phil has wide experience in communications and a real pedigree in public relations. He has actually worked inside global companies and international businesses. And he has that rare “helicopter” perspective. As a consultant and business advisor he’s credible with a ton of integrity.
— Charlie Nordblom - Strategic Communications, Volvo Group
Good to have a consultant who talks of the subject rather than blatantly selling his consultancy services. This was a professional presentation & workshop by someone who knows his subject and adapted the content to the audience.
— Veolia Social Media Communications Workshop participant.

Crisis Communication & Preparedness

Working with a client in the chemical sector to optimise their crisis communications preparedness and operations. Review existing procedures, analyse crisis communication workflow, offer recommendations and set up and deliver capacity building workshops.

Reputation Management

Audit, analyse and provide an advisory report to a client in the public sector with recommendations about their online reputation & public relations strategy. Create a step by step plan to integrate recommendations and offer possible first step implementations on an operational level.

Public Relations Operations & Monitoring

Supporting a client in the fashion/luxury industry to define their stakeholder management approach and create a specific tender to purchase an online monitoring and engagement solution best fitted to their need and organisational set up.

Emergency Risk Communication

Audit, analyse and adapt Emergency Risk Communication and Community Engagement material, plans and tactics in the context of epidemic and pandemic preparedness & prevention for an international health organisation. Secondment as Pillar Lead RCCE.