The need for empathy during a crisis

Posted On Feb 15, 2021 |

My contribution to an article about crisis communication and branding in Forbes Magazine. I speak about the need for empathy during a crisis.

Someone recently asked me to contribute to an article about crisis communication in Forbes Magazine, the online version. I replied to Edward Segal, the author, with an entire list of recommendations...

Glad he picked out the one trait which I think is crucial; empathy. 

Below my quote in the Forbes article, but check out the complete online version. It really gives some very good and practical insights into crisis communications for brands.

“Brands are part of the lives of consumers and customers. The company should at all times show empathy with those who are wronged by the problem—even if it is not the company's fault. Truly understanding why a brand is ‘under attack’ and how it affects consumers is the key to solve the problem but also to show leadership and protecting the brands's reputation in the long term.” 

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