Looking back - A Crisis Communications interview at the start of the Pandemic

Posted On Feb 05, 2021 |

It's good to look back from time to time. Here I revisit a podcast interview done at the start of the pandemic in March 2020.

We're now 332 days into this pandemic which was declared on March 11 last year. It's good to look back from time to time. 

We should revisit statements, ideas, impressions to see how things have evolved. In this podcast episode we go back to the very early days, March 16, when I was invited to speak on the Intelligent Workplace show, hosted by Chris Lukianenko. 

A great discussion, not only about COVID-19 but also about the importance of internal communication during a crisis. Strange to hear that everything covered in this very interactive episode still holds today. 

Your very first communication act during a crisis should be an internal one!

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