Great PR Hacking Tools

Posted On Apr 05, 2021 |

Some of the best tools for PR and Communications professionals of the moment.


  • StoryChief - Streamline your content collaboration process, stay relevant, engage your audience and get insights about your content impact. Write once, publish on every online channel you own. The code prhack23 could entitle you to a 20% discount for the first 12 months if you subscribe.
  • Writesonic - Writing with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Let AI do (part of) the work for you and create comprehensible text based on a concept or question. Then edit and publish.
  • Fluently - An online distraction-free editor with a translator, multilingual grammar checker, and synonym library built-in. Publish in a foreign language.
  • Curated - Newsletter and curation platform. Grow your audience by collecting and sharing truly engaging content.

Graphic Design

  • Crello - The Canva replacement? Not sure, but I regularly switch between the two. Create all kinds of graphics, including video.
  • Stencil - an easy-to-use online graphic design tool and image editor built for social media marketers, bloggers, and other content producers.
  • Artboard Studio - the easiest way to create professional mock ups for your concepts, product and campaigns.

Video Production

  • Offeo - Fantastic easy-to-use video production platform. I really like this one and did all my Virtual Public Relations Summit promo videos on there.
  • BigVu - Mobile video producer with scripting, captions, a landing page and many other features.
  • VideoAsk - Interact face-to-face with your audience & build stronger business relationships. Videos with interaction - from Typeform.

Audio Production

  • - Online transcription service for meetings, Zoom webinars etc...
  • - Online transcription, captions, and foreign subtitles.
  • Headliner - to spice up your podcast with video, transcription, captions and more.
  • Remastermedia - Online audio optimisation service. You can create great video but if your sound sucks you fail...
  • Chrome browser - Not really for production, but this little trick will give you automatic captions to videos you check out online or offline.

Webinars & Conferences

  • Airmeet - This is my go to platform for interactive webinars, conferences and summits. Tested many of them, I stick with this one.
  • Bigmarker - Professional grade webinar and conference platform.
  • Run the World - Newcomer but has great features and has currently a promotion running on Appsumo.

Team Operations/Kanban/Project Management

  • Infinity - Top project management platform with pre-set Kanban boards.
  • Click Up - Very versatile and flexible team project management platform, including Kanban boards.
  • Nimbus Note - One place to manage all your information | knowledge base | tasks | projects | Enterpriuse grade but also for solo preneurs.
  • Inoreader - The only news-reader you’ll need.

The complete “Thought Leadership” platform

  • New Zenler - This platform does it all... It is an e-Learning, Email Marketing, Community, Webinar, Website, Landing Page platform all in one.

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