Wanted: Public Relations & Communication Professionals

Dear Public Relations/Communication colleague,

If you are responsible for the Reputation of your organisation or your client's Reputation, then I want to help you to set up an effective and measurable Strategic Communication Plan.

I have implemented a step by step planning method in numerous organisations in over 12 different industries and achieved concrete measurable communication results.

Unlike what other consultants are teaching & advising I used a practical and systems-based approach to strategic communication planning. And it might seem strange but I did almost none of the normal things other professionals would suggest...

What "normal things" I didn't do...

  • I DID NOT start with a brainstorm
  • I DID NOT focus on a specific audience
  • I DID NOT plan every single detail
  • I DID NOT base my plan on experience

And I definitely didn't rely on AVE's, likes and other vanity metrics to prove the effectiveness of these strategic communication plans!

So what did I do differently?

Throughout my 25 years as a Public Relations professional I have seen, (and was guilty of), many "creative", "the sky is the limit" and "let's go viral" plans... All failed to achieve concrete and measurable results. (Based on research, there's a 50% chance you're in the same situation*)

A couple of years ago I started to specialise in Emergency Risk Communication. That's the type of crisis communication where, when you do things wrong (= build a bad strategic plan), people get injured or, even worse, die...  

This made me stop and think hard about our current planning processes and completely re-frame my approach. I started to look at best practices, case studies, scientific research and insights that I could apply to my strategic communication planning work.

So I came up with a practical step by step & systems-based approach, put it into an organised framework, and applied it ever since.

Today, as an independent Consultant & Certified trainer, I help professionals like you to create and adapt strategic communication plans so they deliver real measurable results and added value to the organisation and its stakeholders.

The 6 weeks, personalised, online coaching program I run does exactly that. It brings together a small group of motivated PR professionals and during the next 30 days I coach you in developing the Strategic Communication plan you need for your organisation.

If you're a Public Relations & Communication professional and want to know more about the method and coaching program I propose to create successful Strategic Communication Plans, let's have a chat so you can tell me more about yourself and your challenges.

Philippe Borremans
Public Relations Consultant
& Certified Trainer

"Philippe is usually way ahead of his time in his business. He talked about online PR and transparency when those were still scary concepts for most of his peers. He introduced online monitoring long before it became an industry and started using the social web to complement press releases when everyone else was still in newspaper mode."

— Sam Versluys, Digital Manager

"Phil has wide experience in communications and a real pedigree in public relations. He has actually worked inside global companies and international businesses. And he has that rare “helicopter” perspective. As a consultant and business advisor he’s credible with a ton of integrity."

— Charlie Nordblom - Strategic Communications, Volvo Group

"Good to have a consultant who talks of the subject rather than blatantly selling his consultancy services. This was a professional workshop by someone who knows his subject and adapted the content to the audience."

— Veolia Social Media Workshop participant.

"Philippe is an expert who has the ability to share his understanding with even a novice. His courses are dynamic and spot on in terms of subject matter. Who would not want to put a campaign in place having listened to his advice?"

— Aurélie Giles, Communications Director at Archer Daniels Midland Company

"Philippe is an unusual combination of a Subject Matter Expert and a Teacher. Watching him generously share his skills and knowledge is a joy. He brings a certain energy to the team of calm confidence."

— Natalie Denmeade - International Educational Consultant

*Strategic planning skills are valued by 70% of recruiters, yet just 51% of respondents perceive strategic planning as one of their strongest skills. For strategic thinking it is similar with it being an attribute sought by 91% of recruiters, yet just 61% of respondents think it is a strongest attribute. Source: CIPR (Chartered Institute of Public Relations) State of the Profession Survey